Thank you for registering your property with Leeway Vacation Rentals. We are excited to add you to our growing list of vacation sites.

You should check your profile and listing to make sure it is accurate and to provide any information we missed.

1. Go to

2. Login with your email and password. You will be taken to your listing if you created one, else start one using the PUBLISH NEW button.

3. Click on the member icon at the top to see your administrative functions. 

4. Look at the dropdown.

5. Click on “My Advertisements”. Your listings will appear. Click on the title of each to check them or Click the Update Button to Edit your listing.

6. Check out the other features in the administrative dropdown. Check your profile.

7. If you see any errors, or want to add anything:

a. You can go back to Panel and edit that listing. Click the Update Button to Edit your listing.

b. You can email us and ask for help.

Take the time to go through your listings carefully. View your Listing after you logout to see if it is showing correctly.

Now that everything is good, I hope that you will enjoy our partnership to help keep your property filled.

Since we are a new site, don’t expect instant results. We are keeping our pricing at a minimum until we can show you and your traveler value.

Here are a few benefits and features you should be aware of:

1. We are trying to fill a need for properties of all sizes and locations. Travelers are not all the same. Each has his needs and desires, as you know.

2. We want to have extra benefits for our early subscribers. You will see lower rates for membership and advertising than those people who subscribe later. (We do want to make sure to provide value for your membership)

3. We encourage referrals, just like you do. We have incentives for referring another property owner or advertiser to us. (This could be a restaurant in your area or a shuttle service to the nearest airport, for example. They can advertise on our pages)

4. There are other paid ads and positioning ads that can give you a priority to people searching. Ask us about that.

5. Finally, as an early subscriber, you have the advantage to “pay ahead” and get grandfathered rates. Our rates will never be lower than now. Lock in rates for a longer term and feel the benefit on your budget. Ask us about that.

Again. Thanks for subscribing. We hope we can fill a need for you. If you have any suggestions for how to make our site better for your or your travelers, let us know. If there are things you don’t like, let us know.

We want to be your partner for profit, not just a company that adds to your expense items.


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