The goal of this site is to make your life as a vacation property owner or property manager easier! All first-time user on our site will receive their first property listing free of charge.

We have put together a multi-layered marketing strategy to optimize your vacation properties presence online. From sending over pages to google as well as various other SEO (search engine optimization) tactics to drive traffic (customers) to your property.  Leeway Vacation Rentals is also cross utilizing social media marketing to enhance our web presence and again drive more traffic to your property.

We highly recommend that our new member join and post photos and descriptions about their properties on their social media pages. The goals of the social media pages is to draw more and more owners to the page to create organic content daily.

To simplify the above statement: if we can get one property owner a day to post content about their property, our page will appear on more active Facebook users screens then if we (owners, managers, or us at Leeway vacation homes) did not post unique organic content daily.

Our main goal here at Leeway Vacation Rentals is to give vacation property owners and managers a place to list their properties, accept bookings, and to have a multi-level marketing system in place to drive heavy traffic to the properties. 

Hands Off Policy - Communicate DIRECTLY with Property Owners/Managers !!!

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