1. How It Works: Guests

    Booking accommodations on LeewayVacationHomes.com is safe and very flexible!  You deal directly with the property owner!  Your payments are processed directly through the property owner's secure credit card system such as paypal or Bitcoin or by etransfer… whatever way you agree on.  We are not involved or responsible with the transaction between you and the owner. Here is how it… Read more.

  2. How can I contact the host to find out more information?

    If you have further questions on the property, which are not answered in the description or shown on the pictures, please contact your host directly. To write a private message to the host, you have to be registered at 9flats.com and your account has to be confirmed. The registration is free of charge. On the bottom of every listing, you will find a button with the headline "SEND… Read more.

  3. How do I remember a Listing?

    Just add it to your favorites! To do this, sign up or log in first, then click the heart button at the top right  of the listing page. This way, you can create a list of all the places you love, to come back to when the time’s right to book them. Read more.

  4. Can I take my pets with me to the place?

    Even if you want to take your dog and cat with you on vacation. Your host decides whether your pets can “check-in” to the place. If No, then you will find in the profile of your desired place under the box 'No Pets'. In case you don’t find any information it may mean that pets are allowed so contact your host via our internal message system and ask. That is a very easy and fast way: For this… Read more.

  5. How It Works: Owners

    Are you ready to take your Vacation Rental business to the next level?  WE are much more than just a vacation rental directory; it's an efficient and effective way to manage your rental business. Interested in renting your home or rental property? Subscribe today, pick a membership plan, enter your user profile, then create a listing (AD) using Publish New +, and have Leeway vacation rental… Read more.

  6. Can I take Paypal payments from my clients?

    Yes, you can take payments from your clients using the Pay Now button shown with each ad provided the following is setup:1. Add your paypal account in your personal profile.2. Add a price to an ad/listing.3. Add paypal account in ad if different from profile. Read more.

  7. How Do I List A Property?

    First time users:1. First time users must register and create a personal profile before posting a listing (PUBLISH NEW +). Click on PUBLISH NEW or LOGIN to begin the registration process.There are 2 main areas in the user administration panel: 1. PERSONAL PROFILE - Your personal or company information including addresses, contact and location information. (hidden) 2. ADVERTISEMENT / LISTING -… Read more.

  8. Can you add my listing for me?

    If you provide all the necessary information, we would be more than happy to do the work for you at a minimal cost.  Then you can review and edit your listing.  We can also handle importing of bulk listings should you have many listings. Contact us with your requirements. Read more.

  9. My listing did not process and get listed.

    Processing time depends on the size of the photos you are trying to upload and the speed of the internet connection you have. Stopping before processing completes, and until you get a complete message, will kill the process. It can take minutes depending on the size and number of photos. Suggest you add 1 photo and all the other information in the listing then save and go back and edit the… Read more.

  10. My Listing did not show up in the Listings or Map

    There are 2 areas in the user administration panel:Personal Profile - Your personal or company information including addresses, pictures, contact and location information.  Minimal information about who you are. 1 picture only please.MY Advertisements - Your Listing(s) information specific to location, category and including all rental, job or service information.  All listing(s) are… Read more.

  11. What Types of Properties Can I List?

    You can list your entire property or part of it according to the category list provided. An entire property is defined as guests having full access to the property and having the property entirely to themselves with or without having to share with anyone who is not part of their reservation. Just about any type of temporary vacation accommodation is accepted.Connecting You Directly with… Read more.

  12. Why Should I Advertise My Home With LeewayVacationRentals.com?

    LeewayVacationRentals.com is an International listing site for vacation rental properties. The international based listing site features a map locator to help market your vacation rental. Information about your vacation rental is easy to add without the lengthy checklists of other sites.  With the number of sites that are difficult to navigate, we are constantly looking to make it as simple… Read more.

  13. Where Does My Property Need To Be Located?

    Your property can be located anywhere in the world, we have hundreds of locations to choose from.  The location area shows continent, country, state/province and cities.  If you do not see your city listed, please contact us to add it!  Your profile address is separate from the AD address allowing for multiple locations shown on the map for one owner.  There is no limit to the… Read more.

  14. Who Can List Their Property, Jobs and Services?

    Bot private home owners, property management companies and hotels can list their rental homes, properties and maintenance related jobs.  Service companies in their applicable location can advertise their services to renters and property owners alike.  Restaurants, car rental and tourist related services that are helpful to visitors are welcome. Read more.

  15. How Much Does It Cost To List My Property?

    We offer multiple subscription levels starting at FREE for your 1st listing.  After your first ad is used, additional ads will bring up additional subscription options that can be purchased.The quality of your listing will help with the ranking of your property on the site. All things being equal your property will rotate with other properties of equal ranking.  We offer Featured options… Read more.

  16. Will My Listing Show Up On Other Sites and search engines such as Google Too?

    Yes, your site is indexed in the search engines such as Google and Bing but will take time to show up.  Each ad is SEO friendly and will get indexed.  Also, any ads will get posted to our twitter, accounts instantly.  Use SEO friendly titles and descriptions in your AD and the search engines will index accordingly.  Each ad is a web page in itself so it is like having your own… Read more.

  17. How Many Photos Can I Add? What are the Photo details?

    The maximum number of photos or images is currently 25. We suggest a minimum of 10-15.  Upload only a few at a time or the upload process may timeout if your internet connection is slow.  Set the photo that you want as the Primary photo that shows on the ad preview.  For good SEO, name your photos with keywords such as "vacation home rental city 1-25" to get indexed well in the… Read more.

  18. Do you have booking and calendar features?

    Yes, we provide a URL for your calendar or booking program at no additional cost.  We suggest www.availcalendar.com (see our demo site) which is a free calendar program that can be linked by URL to your listings.   The format for the availcalendar.com as taken from our sample is https://www.availcalendar.com/calendar/6012 (edit out the rest of the URL provided). Read more.

  19. Can I add a video or a map of my property in my listing?

    Yes, you can embed your YouTube video to your property listing at no additional cost. Read more.

  20. How Does An Interested Renter Contact Me?

    We provide a private messaging system for secure communication between parties. This private feature makes easier the communicate between owner and buyer regarding an ad.  Instead of having a standard contact form on the advertisement’s page or an email in plain site, the renter sends instant messages to the seller. Using this tool, you can avoid sharing an email address and the seller can… Read more.

  21. I Have Listed My Property, But I Need Help Writing The Content. Can You Write It For Me?

    Yes. We have a professional content writer who will write your content for your web page or blogs.  We can also provide web design and marketing assistance.Email us with your details and requirements.  Read more.

  22. I Need a New Website. Can You Create It For Me?

    We can provide web design and marketing assistance.  Search engines like Google favor Responsive websites that work on all hardware such as smartphones.Email us with your details and requirements and we can provide you with a quote.  See www.10mb.com for samples of vacation properties. Read more.

  23. Is There A Direct URL For My Listing?

    Yes. There is a direct URL for each property that you list.  Go to your listing and copy the URL in your browser.  You can then link your ad to other sites such as your own website or other sites.Example: https://leewayvacationhomes.com/chalet/this-can-be-your-vacation-home-1.html Read more.

  24. Do you have banner advertising?

    We provide banner advertising to all areas of the site including home page, right side menu bar, specific categories, continents, countries, state/provinces and down to city level.  Contact us for information.  Spots at the top of locations are limited. Read more.

  25. The Website Is Not Working Properly. What Do I Do?

    Websites do from time to time go offline for maintenance but not usually for long periods of time.  If the site does not come up, wait a few minutes and try again, the net may just be busy or it may be your local connection not working propertly.  If the website is then determined to not working properly, contact us immediately so that we can resolve the issue! Read more.

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